A Classic Game

Playing dice game is quite popular especially when it comes to betting. It is usually an adult’s game which they do whenever they are gathered together and wants to have some fun while at the same time getting something in return i.e. cash or any other form of a bet.

This so-called dice game is practically derived from the well-known classic game known as the Yahtzee. It is generally played by rolling five dice per round for thirteen rounds. However, for each round, the player is given a maximum of three turns. This means that during the first round if he is not satisfied with the points generated during the first roll of the dice then she can choose to have another turn before choosing the scoring category for that round. But do remember, you are only given three turns so you should be wise enough and make the most out of it. Then, after all the thirteen rounds are completed, the player having the most number of points will win the game.

The dice game is basically a game which requires both strategy and luck. Strategy in a way that you should be thinking critically about the moves that you will be doing and you should also foresee the moves of your opponent so that you can outsmart them. And luck because you cannot control what appears on the dice once you roll it. Therefore, a good combination of the two will make you win the game.

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